Couldron Covens Journey

Hi, I'm Fay and I run Cauldron Coven. I opened this shop during the pandemic in 2020, i was a tattoo artist that couldn't work and needed something to do, this originally started off as a hobby but progressed into many things over the years. Tiktok really blew my business up and i am so greatful to be able to run this shop full time. Most items in my shop are Handmade by me or Momma Coven. I originally started off making resin pieces and then silicone moulds which eventually expanded into horror merch.

I started off as an online shop but towards the end of 2023 i moved into a shop in welshpool (rear of 42 broad street business centre) where i opened my first in person witchcraft shop and are now further expanding with a witchy tattoo studio.

i am now back on my spiritual path adding more and more spiritual items to the shop.

I hope you enjoy my shop. All the best, Fay.

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  • Hoodies and t-shirts

    Our clothing items are handmade and high Quality. Our hoodies have a fluffy cozy lining and our tees are super soft! The design above has been our best selling design this year and is exclusive art sold in our shop.

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  • Spell Oils

    Shop our handmade Spell oils full of intention, multi-purpose use.

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